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MU-Varna Broadens Its Lecturers’ and Students’ Competence,Keeping Pace with the Latest Technologies and Global Trends in Education

Human resource development, lecturers'career growth and improvement of the quality of education are among the main priorities of Medical University - Varna and the numerous projects being conducted at the Universityare the major implementation tools of the general strategy. MU-Varna is the only University in the country that can boast winning absolutely all projects under Human Resources DevelopmentOperational Programme.

"Creation of a Modern System for Lecturers'Career Development at Medical University – Varna" under Human Resources Development Operational Programmeis one of the projectswon bythehigher school two years ago. After conducting preliminary surveys for the needs of specialized training,all of the500 lecturers at Varna Medical University took a number of qualification courses with leading experts from across the country.


During this academic year, the intake of international students at the University was increased by 30%, which, on the other hand, increases the need to improve the lecturers'skills of English language. Given that half of the international students at Varna higher school are Germans,German courses were conducted as well. Pedagogical competencecourses,implemented under an innovative French system,led to changes in the approaches and methodology of teaching. "The latest trend in education, which is being discussedat world forums, is the so-called "From Learning to Teaching". The interactive model of training, in which two-way communication takes place between the lecturer and students has become increasingly successful in practice," said the project manager Prof. TodorkaKostadinova, Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Quality and Accreditation during the press conference, held on 18 December, at MU-Varna."We are one of the most modern and dynamically developing universities in the country, precisely due tothe fact that we strive to implement the latest trends and innovations in technology and teaching methodology. Under the circumstances of the demographic crisis in our country, we are one of the few universities that can boast a growing interest from prospective students each year. It is our responsibility to meet the needs and requirements of these young people from nearly 40 countries around the world who have chosen to study nowhere else, but precisely at our University. Furthermore, this is a generation that lives with new technologies. "Since the beginning of this academic year, first-year students of Medicine and Dental Medicine at MU-Varna have been using one of the most advanced technologies for current assessment of the acquisitionlevel of the material of the lectures taught. Students have to choose an answer to the questions by means of special electronic equipment, so each student, according to him/her, chooses the correct answer: e. g. A, B, C or D.

Conductingproject management training proves to be necessary, since project activities at the University have increased significantlyover the past years. In 2014Medical University - Varna has been working on 20 projects in the field of scientific research, human resources and competitiveness. Lecturers also take a course on copyright, inventions and rationalizationprotection, quality managementcourses, as well as courses on statistical processing of data and information.​

Besides developing anintegralprogramme for qualification and development of professional competence of lecturers, evaluation criteria (attestation) of teaching,in compliance with the new amendments to the law on academic developmentwere updated within the project as well. Scientometric indicators for evaluating the work of lecturers at MU-Varna are not only some of the highest in the country, but also serve as a benchmark and comparability to other universities in the country. The higher school has developed its own Regulations for development of its academic staff, consistent with the recent amendments of the Law on Development of Academic Staff and the Higher Education Act. A mechanism for differentiated work pay and reward of lecturers through the application of measurable criteria in compliance with the legal changes has been created and established as well.

With the specific measures targeted at motivating lecturers and creating sustainable attitude in them for continuous learning, updating their knowledge and improving their skills and competence,MU-Varna aims to ensure maximum high quality of education for its students, entirely consistent with the labour market requirements and the development of new technologies in all fields.