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Scientists from 4 continents will discuss the biological effects of electromagnetic fields near Varna

The 8th EMF Workshop will be held in hotel Meliá Grand Hermitage, Golden sands resort on September 21 – 26 th, 2014.  The Medical University of Varna is a co-organizer of the event where guests are scientists from countries in Europe, USA, South America (Peru), Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Egypt), Russia.  Among the partners of the workshop are World Health Organization, European Commission (Scientific committee for new technologies), NATO, IEEE, and International Association for Safety and Health at Work. 

The main topics which will be discussed are in the field of the health effects of the electromagnetic fields and UV radiation from artificial sources in different occupations. Special attention will be paid to the European Commission statement based on scientific evidence for the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields as well as the new regulations which have already been recognized in Bulgaria and will be enforced in 2015. Issues related to the protection of workers from electromagnetic and optical radiations will be discussed during the round table. 

The main sessions on the workshop include the following:

  • Quality in science
  • Biological effects of electromagnetic fields
  • Workers' health under conditions of non-ionizing radiation
  • Population health in radiation with non-ionizing radiation
  • New European and national legislation in the field of people's protection from non-ionizing radiation
  • Communication of risk on electromagnetic fields to population. 

One of the main sessions concerns the new projects funded by the European funds as well as Project BG-07 under the Norwegian Fund "Initiatives for Public Health".

A competition for young scientists and students who work in the field of electromagnetic radiations will be organized during the workshop.

A meeting with medical representatives will take place on September 24th, 2014.

See the programme.