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New Book Releases from Varna Medical University Press - October, 2014


Lyudmila Angelova, Borislav Kirchev

The handbook focuses on the genetic consultation, the tracking of the reproductive options of the couple so that they can make an informed choice during the pregnancy. The book deals with the preventive approach in the antenatal tests and the ways of diagnosing different types of congenital anomalies, hereditary metabolic disruptions, autoimmune diseases, chromosomal and genetic diseases, congenital infections. It analyses the different invasive approaches of obtaining biological materials – biopsy of the trophoblast, amniocentesis, obtaining of blood from the fetus. Described are also molecular-genetic, molecular-cytogenetic, cytogenetic, immunologic and other laboratory methods as well as echographic, echocardiographic and other apparatus techniques of conducting tests.

Intended for obstetrics and gynaecology specialists, pediatricians, general practitioners, genetic consultants , the handbook is useful also to residents and medical students, biologists and biochemists in genetic laboratories.


* The book in the catalogue of the University press.



Ganka Bekyarova, Krasimir Hristov

The primary purpose of Practical Pathophysiology - Topical Guideline is to provide students beginning their formal education in the health sciences with a resource they can use to begin to develop their pathophysiology knowledge together with clinical problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This guideline, which has to provide a strong link between theory and practice, was designed for use by medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health students. The main concept of this guideline is based on the principle that clinical manifestations of an illness are directly associated with the pathophysiology of human disease. The guideline provides a straightforward approach to integrating basic pathophysiology, risk factors, physical examination findings and clinical laboratory data for different problems that the students are angaged with, during their basic medical education. Review summaries of selected major health problems allow students to develop effective methods of clinical assessment and disease management.


* The book in the catalogue of the University press.