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An experienced teacher of German language at MU-Varna became an associate professor

Senior assistant Ivan Merdjanov was elected by the Academic Council of MU-Varna to become an "Associate Professor" on February 3rd 2014. Assoc. Prof. Ivan Merdjanov has over 26 years of pedagogical experience, 21 of which he has been working as a teacher at the Department of Foreign Languages, Communication and Sports in the Medical University of Varna.

Assoc. Prof. Merdjanov is an author of the monograph "Contemporary forms of e-learning in the academic environment", which draws attention to the latest and preferred ways of training for the students nowadays– mLearning, SocialLearning and GamebasedLearning. The typology of the interactive exercises and tasks presented in the monograph is applicable in the framework of the web-based learning environment and e-learning course and the detailed visualized description of the specific methodological instrumentarium enables the use of this method both by teachers of German and of other academic subjects.

A part of the Assoc. Prof. Merdjanov scientific works is directed to the researches over the content and structure of the advertising slogans in different media and the methodology of their application in foreign language training. He also compares the contents and the peculiarities of the medical documentation in Bulgarian and German language and analyses the variants for medical texts translations. Assoc. Prof. Merdjanov elaborates training methodology on specialized German language for physicians in the context of contemporary trends for foreign language training. He also researches different forms of e-learning and didactic and methodological aspects of its use in specialized language training.

Assoc. Prof. Merdjanov is co-author of the "Deutsche Texte im Bereich Wirtschaft", the textbook in German language for medical purposes "Deutsch für Studenten der Medizin" and the methodological guideline for teacher to textbook in German language for medical purposes "Deutsch für Studenten der Medizin".