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Characteristic features of the work environment at scientific institutions in the United States will be presented by a guest professor from Davenport University

How can we succeed in an American team and an American workplace? That is the question that Prof. Dr. Mominka Filev, Professor of Social Sciences at Davenport University, Michigan, the USA will provide an answer to, on 24th June, at 2 pm,  at III auditorium of MU-Varna.
In her interactive lecture "Organizational Culture, Behaviour and Dynamics at American Universities, Institutes and Companies", aimed at highly qualified researchers, PhD and undergraduate students, Dr. Filev is going to analyze organizational behaviour and dynamics in the American workplace.
The aim of the lecture is to acquaint those who are about to work in American research teams with the characteristic features of the American work environment. The lecture provides an overview of the typical American organizational behavior, of the Americans' expectations of foreigners' behaviour and reactions in an American workplace, as well as how Americans treat their colleagues, coming from other countries and cultures.
The topic focuses on American style of communication, multinational characteristic features, workshops, presentations in an American workplace, negotiation strategies and conflict resolution, teamwork and organizational policy.
In conclusion, Dr. Filev is going to suggest practical tips on building stable and beneficial professional relationships with American colleagues.

Some details on the lecturer:

Prof. Dr. Mominka Filev is a Professor of Social Sciences at Davenport University, Michigan, the USA, with 21-year teaching and research experience in the United States. Her scientific research covers international communication strategies, organizational behavior and training and pedagogics in the era of globalization.