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The Enrollment for the Elective Discipline of "Maritime Medicine" for the New Academic Year Is Underway

The enrollment for the elective discipline of "Maritime Medicine" for the academic year 2019/2020 is underway. The training is intended for medical students - fourth and fifth year of study.

During the training course, various facets of marine medicine are to be studied, such as ship and diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, poisoning caused by marine organism, etc. The practical classes, held at the Naval Academy and the Naval Hospital, provoke huge interest amongst the students. For the first time, some training sessions are to be held onboard of the vessels of MU-Varna - "Hygeia", "Panacea" and "Thalassa" during the training course.

The course culminates in participation at the festival, organized by MU-Varna - "Sea and Health", which is dedicated to the European Maritime Day.

Everyone eager to study the extremely interesting and practically necessary discipline of "Maritime Medicine" can apply by e-mail:, tel. 0882 051 681 (Dr. Boyan Parvanov) or personally at the Department of Emergency Medicine and Maritime Medicine at the building of RHI.

The course starts in October. The course leader is Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Stavrev - a long-time maritime instructor and lecturer.

The Medical University in Varna is the first and only medical university in Bulgaria, which provides training in the field of "Maritime Medicine". Maritime medicine is a specific medical discipline that has been studied in different levels and forms, predominantly in the developed maritime countries (the USA, Russia, the UK, France, China, Japan, etc.). It enables medical students and medical professionals in these countries to deal much more efficiently with the specific challenges of the diagnostic, therapeutic and expertise process related to it.


Veronika Stoyanova