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Enrollment in the course of Maritime Medicine

For the fifth year the Training and Scientific Sector of Maritime Medicine at the Department of Anesthesiology, Emergency, Invasive and Maritime Medicine launches the enrollment of the course in Maritime medicine as an elective subject for the academic 2013/14. The training is in Bulgarian language and the course consists of 25 regular students in medicine from the 4th and 5th year. 
Applicants who elect this discipline should send their requests to the coordinator Greta Hristova on the following e-mail: The course will start at the beginning of October, once the groups are formed.
The course in Maritime Medicine is specific in its nature and includes teachers from different fields of Maritime Medicine. Hyperbaric Oxygen, Poisoning Marine Life, Marine Toxicology, Diving Medicine, Maritime Psychology, Sea treatment and Thalassotherapy, Telemedicine are taught.  Practical seminars, which are conducted in the Naval Base, Naval Academy and Military Medical Academy, are very interesting to the students. Trips are organized on board the rescue ship of the Bulgarian Red Cross.
The lecturers are from Medical University of Varna, University Hospital "St. Marina" - Varna, the Naval Academy and the Naval Forces. During the last years students had the opportunity to attend lectures delivered by foreign guest professors,such as Professor Anogianakis from Thessaloniki, Dr. Denisenko - member the of board of the International Maritime Health Association from Moscow, as well as Professor. Anatholy Gozhenko from Odessa with lectures on Shipping medicine.
Until 2008 the training system in medicine in Bulgaria did not include any maritime subject. In the meantime, a great number of medical professionals had been working in areas related to the Sea shipping medicine, Diving medicine, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Resort medicine (including physicians working at the emergency centers on the beach), watersports' medicine, etc. The Medical University of Varna is the first university on the Balkans in which a course in maritime medicine has been taught. The aim of the initiators, one of whom is Dr. Hristo Bozov, is to convert this optional subject into a medical specialty, more attractive and really needed by the medical students in our sea capital.