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The Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Applying for MU-Varna

The Admission Campaign for Foreign Students in the specialties Medicine and Dental Medicine - English language training at MU-Varna is underway.

All EU nationals who wish to apply for MU-Varna for the specialties taught in English - Medicine and Dental Medicine shall submit the required application documents by 20th September. The documents can be submitted in person at the Student Affairs Office at MU - Varna (55 Marin Drinov  Street, Room 205) or can be sent by post (address: Medical University - Varna, Student Affairs Office, 55 Marin Drinov Street) or by a duly authorized representative of the applicant.

Applicants shall pass the admission test in English language successfully, which consists of three parts - Biology, Chemistry and English. They can choose to sit for the test, which will be held at MU-Varna, on any of the following dates: 4th July, 31st July, 12th September or 26th September.

Applicants who are nationals of non- EU and EEA countries, applying for the English language training programmes, shall pass an English language examination or provide a certificate (here) of the level of their proficiency.

A few days before the beginning of the Academic Year, which begins on 30th September for first - year English language training, an orientation week will be held, during which they will be acquainted with the academic environment and atmosphere of the Medical University of Varna, and will be get familiar with some of the most characteristic features of the local culture, as well. The orientation week begins on 25th September.
Dear Applicants, you can find detailed information about the Admission Campaign on the special portal (here) on the Internet site. If there is still something unclear or something you would like to enquire about, please contact us at or call on telephone number: +359 52 677 085.