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Take Part in the Competition for the Annual Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine

​The Faculty of Dental Medicine announces a competition for the annual Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine in the name of Prof. Dr. Slavcho Davidov. The award will be presented to a graduate student during the official promotion ceremony of the 5th class of dental practitioners, which will be held on 31st October at 10:30 am, at the Festival and Congress Centre - Varna.

All students graduating with honours are entitled to participate in the competition. The award winner will be selected in compliance with a set of criteria based not only on his/her academic achievements but also on his/her participation in volunteer activities related to screening programmes in the field of dental health, taking part in implemented projects, scientific and research forums and contribution to the University structures.

The applications have to be submitted by 20.10.2015 to the Dental Medicine Dean's Office or to e-mail: