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The Faculty of Pharmacy celebrates its 6th anniversary

On October 16, 1843, William Hamilton invented the system of hyper-complex numbers – quaternions.  On the same date in 1912, during the Balkan War, the Bulgarian Army first used aircraft for reconnaissance of enemy objects, and in 1981, the Order "13 Centuries Bulgaria" and the jubilee medal "1300 years Bulgaria" were established. On this day in 1854 the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was born.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" – Varna also celebrates its 6th anniversary on this date. The Faculty was established with a Decree of the 40th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria. Since then, the Faculty has been developing as an educational, research and organizational methodoloical center in the pharmaceutical science of northeastern Bulgaria. 

The first commencement of Masters in pharmacy will graduate this year and tomorrow the start of the 9-floor building construction for the Faculty will be officially announced. 

The celebration is a good occasion to announce one more piece of happy news – the student from the fifth year in the specialty of pharmacy and potential winner of the Gold Hypocrites for the first commencement of Masters in pharmacy – Maya Radeva won the annual prize for excellence by the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Society.