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Medical University - Varna Оpened the Country's First University Centre for Eastern Medicine

The first in our country academic centre for Eastern medicine was opened in the building of the Medical College at Medical University - Varna on 18th May 2015. Its activities will combine traditional Chinese and European medicine. Тhe Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov cut the ribbon of the new centre, and the priest Father Tsvetan Florov served a water ritual for health and well-being. Prof. Dr. Aneliya Klisarova and Prof. Dr. Temelko Temelkov were among the official guests at the event. The deputy from the 40th National Assembly Mrs. Aneliya Atanasova sent a congratulatory address for the opening of the centre.

Besides treating patients through the application of the methods of Eastern medicine after precise diagnosis, the University Centre for Eastern Medicine will provide training in the elective subject "Zheng- Tszyu Therapy" for fifth-year medical students.

"The greatest advantage of these methods is that they enhance the endogenous (internal) abilities of the organism, which helps the treatment and leads to faster recovery of patients," said the head of the Centre and Director of Medical College - Varna Prof. Dr. Negrin Negrev.

Besides spot, partial or whole-body China massage, phytotherapy, homeopathy and various verbal relaxation techniques, Zheng- Tszyu therapy will also be applied. This ancient method of treatment comprises a combination of two methods - Zheng (acupuncture) and Tszyu (heating) with moxa. The so-called Su-Jok therapy (from "Su" - hand and "Jock" - foot), introduced by the South Korean professor Dr. Park Jae Woo at the end of 20th century, will be also among the methods applied. Its essence is acupuncture again, but unlike Chinese one, it uses special small needles which are applied in the fingers of the hand and in the toes of the feet of the patient, hence the name of the method. This acupuncture is considered one of the greatest discoveries in the field of medicine in the 20thcentury. Zheng- Tszyu and Su-Jok therapies can be applied either simultaneously or in combination with other therapeutic methods of European medicine, explained the specialists at the Centre.

Representatives of the academic staff of the University are going to work at the Centre - two doctors who have specialized at the Russian Medical Academy for postgraduate studies and at St. Petersburg Medical Academy for postgraduate studies, four assistant professors and kinesitherapists.

"We have witnessed а continuously growing interest in traditional Chinese medicine over the last 50 years. The undisputed positive result of the application of acupuncture resulted in a change of the legislation of many countries, especially since science "translated" into the language of the 21st  century medicine a significant number of its ideas and concepts that used to be incomprehensible and raised concern in the past," added Prof. Negrev. This in turn allows the application of Eastern medicine methods in parallel with the methods of the European medicine. These methods are being taught at quite a number of higher education institutions in Europe and the US, especially during postgraduate studies.

A variety of diseases – of the spinal roots, plexuses and peripheral nerves, headaches (migraine and tension headaches), as well as early post-stroke condition, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, obesity, ulcers, ulcerative colitis, irritated colon, hormonal conditioned infertility (sterility), menstrual and sexual disorders will be treated at the Centre.

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