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We Integrate Management Systems to Save Time for Creativity and New Ideas for Development

Each service or activity performed at Medical University - Varna, starting with training through scientific to administrative, is already part of the general integrated electronic system at the University. This was announced at a press conference, held today, 18 December, at MU-Varna, on the occasion of the completion of the project under OP Human Resources Development "Improvement of Management Systems at Medical University - Varna", won by the University in 2012.

Prospective University students can submit online their application documents, students can check their status at any time at the University, documents among different administrative units are transferred instantly in an electronic way, totally optimizing the use of paper. Furthermore, the integrated information system of the University stores, reports, evaluates and analyzes the information related to the research and academic activities of the lecturers at the University.

These are just some of the innovations and work process optimization achieved within the subsidized by nearly 487,000 lev project. "We do all this, both to improve the quality of our services and to meet the needs and requirements of our current and future students, and also to optimize the time needed by each part in the process," said the project manager Prof. Todorka Kostadinova – Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Quality and Accreditation. "If within the eight-hour working day, we devote seven hours to future projects and ideas, and it takes us only an hour to carry out routine work, then we will be invaluable not only for our employer, but we will have the opportunity to unleash our full potential."

The integrated management system at MU-Varna synchronizes and integrates all the separate systems - financial, material, personnel, training process and quality management. "Now we are bringing the project we have been working on over the past 18 months to an end, but that does not mean that we are going to stop here", emphasized the project coordinator Eng. Tsvetan Ivanov. "Taking into account the requirements of the training process and the trend we wish to impose, namely - clinical training of our students to be introduced as early as possible in the preclinical one, we connect the University information databases with those of St. Marina University Hospital in Varna. We intend to do the same with another database of the University – the one at St. Anna Hospital. Thanks to the high-speed broadband connection during the lecture, lecturers can demonstrate to students specific cases by showing ,for example, patient records,  images from PACS, angiography, operations in real time. Thus, from the earliest courses future medics are aware and in touch with the real working environment in the clinic.

"At this stage the project is coming to an end, but actually the integrated information systems are to be developed from now on in terms of functionality and field of application, so that at any time they can meet the needs of students, the most modern trends and practices in university education and labour market requirements. We are discussing the next proposal for participation in the Human Resources Operational Programme, which has already been approved for the new programme period. Thus we will be able to continue the upgrading of systems and work for sustainability of results", concluded Prof. Kostadinova. ​​