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The campaign entitled “Folic acid for a healthy baby” is starting

​​For the second consecutive year the Association of the medical students in Varna, the Students' Council and mothers of children with spina bifida disease are united in the Association "Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus" information campaign "Folic acid for a healthy baby". Students will hand out information materials and also they will interview citizens between 10:00 and 13:00 on October 18th in the Grand Mall Varna and on October 19th in the Mall of Varna. 


The aim of the campaign is to inform the prospective mothers about the importance of the Folic Acid before their pregnancy in order to avoid a birth of child with spina bifida which is seriously debilitating disease in which some of the vertebrae of the spine of the baby remains unclosed.Literally the name translated from Latin means "split spine". The drug itself is cheap but it turns out that very few mothers are aware of this danger. In some countries even the bread is enriched with Folic Acid.


On occasion of the Day of spina bifida and hydrocephaluswhich is on October 25thinformation and entertainment event is planned in the MU-Varna with the special participation of DesiDobreva, who becomes the face of the campaign, and the talented students from the University. The exact date and details about the event will be announced soon.