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MU-Varna Introduces a New Information System, Connecting Clinical Training of Students with Preclinical

A new information system that will connect the clinical environment with preclinical training of students at MU-Varna was presented by the Assistant Rector of the University Eng. Deyan Grancharov during the 10th Jubilee  edition of the National  e-Health Conference "Innovative Model for Sustainable and Modern Healthcare", which was held yesterday (19/02/2015) in Sofia.
The system for virtual access to the resources of the hospital information system has already been implemented at University Hospital St. Marina in Varna, and it will start operating from the beginning of the winter semester of 2014/2015 academic year. Its main task is to connect the clinical environment with the preclinical training of students.The hospital Information system has the capacity to store large medical imaging data, accumulated over a period of 20 years. From now on they will no longer be used only for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, but also for training of students, for statistical purposes, scientific research and others. Thus thanks to this system, the lecturers of MU-Varna will have quick access to the information in order to further illustrate the subject matter during a lecture or an exercise by demonstrating diagnostic imaging of specific cases and other clinical results of real patients to the students. Thus, the students of MU-Varna will be in contact with real clinical environment even during their preclinical training.

During the forum the Director of the Department of Foreign Languages, communications and sports at MU-Varna Assoc. Prof. Ivan Merzhdanov presented the platform for complementary e-Learning Blackboard, introduced at the University from the winter semester of 2014/2015. He explained the connection between the two systems.

How does the system actually work? Virtual Windows desktops that have access to medical imaging data have been installed at University Hospital St. Marina - Varna. Thus when a remote user (a lecturer at MU - Varna) is initialized to the system, regardless of the device they use - PC, tablet, SmartPhone, iOS, iPhone, they can open and download the imaging data. The access to other clinical results of the patients is also possible. It is important to point out that the imaging data are generated in the hospital structure and the services and the data are transferred to the new system without interrupting the normal operation of the hospital. At the same time all components of the hospital information system and the resources are reserved, and thus the risk of interrupting any service is reduced to a minimum. The personal data of patients are fully protected, inaccessible and invisible to students when the information resource is being used for the training process.

The 10th Jubilee  edition of the National  e-Health Conference was held under the auspices of the Parliamentary Committee on Healthcare of the 43rd National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria and with the support of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of transport, information technology and communications, the National Health Insurance Fund and the Bulgarian Red Cross .