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The Campaign Five Most Sought Titles of NALIS Foundation Is Underway

​The campaign of the National Academic Library and Information System Foundation aimed to promote the search for academic specialized and fiction literature is going on until May 2015.

The main objective of National Academic Library and Information System Project, supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation, is the creation of an online union catalogue of the academic libraries in Bulgaria, which will give its users the opportunities for integrated searching in the catalogues of these libraries through the Internet. In November NALIS Foundation launched a campaign dedicated to promoting the reading of Bulgarian or foreign academic literature through the union catalogue of the academic libraries. The initiative enables each reader to take part in the ranking of the preferred five books in a specified for the month scientific field. The campaign Five Most Sought Titles has no commercial character and aims to promote the use of the unique for Bulgaria information service.

In order to take part, you need to rank the 5 most sought titles on the current monthly topic by completing an entry form here ( The big prize - a multimedia tablet that supports the most popular e-book formats will be drawn after the end of the campaign.

The Library of Medical University - Varna has been an associate member of the National Academic Library and Information System since May 2014. At present the information library catalogue is connected to the National Union Catalogue of the Academic Libraries in Bulgaria, which provides not only visibility of our library fund from any point in the world, but also saves users' time while  searching for information and titles from other libraries.