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A Student from MU-Varna Received a Prize at the Annual Nominal Awards 2015

​Today, 4th December 2015, the fourth-year student of Medicine at MU-Varna Yoana Stoyanova was awarded with the first prize in the category Health and Sports at the Annual Nominal Awards 2015 of Varna Municipality:

"In addition to my excellent examination scores, I applied for the contest also with my scientific works - 9 publications in different fields of Medicine. I worked in cooperation with four different research teams, and I would like to say that they were extremely helpful. I had their entire support in each of my endeavours. These are Assoc. Prof. Dimitrichka Bliznakova, Assoc. Prof. Milka Georgieva, Assoc. Prof. Branimir Kanazirev, together with Dr. Mariya Kosturkova and Dr. Zlateva, as well as Prof. Zlatislav Stoyanov, together with Dr. Irina Pashalieva.

I took part at the Black Sea Symposium for Young Scientists, which is organized annually by the Student Council of MU-Varna. There we discussed the topic of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Then I participated at a conference in Plovdiv, where together with Assoc. Prof. Milka Georgieva, we announced the first data in our country on the incidence of malignant melanoma amongst the Bulgarian population. Together with Prof. Zlatislav Stoyanov and Dr. Irina Pashalieva we developed two topics on probiotics and their application in two diseases: atopic dermatitis and autism for the Congress on Nutrition. This academic year I participated at the Conference on Rare Diseases, together with Dr. Vesela Zlateva, where we presented the topic of Wegener's granulomatosis. My last publication was at the Congress of Anesthesiology, where we developed the topic of cranial traumas. Recently I have been working, together with Assoc. Prof. Bliznakova, on two new publications, dealing with congenital renal hypoplasia and joubert syndrome.

I wish to express my gratitude to the management of MU-Varna and the Student Council for their trust in me, and I hope to continue my research activities here in Bulgaria."

The aim of the Annual Awards of Varna Municipality is to recognize the outstanding results in the respective fields and to encourage and promote the achievements of the most successful students. The prizes are awarded to the top ranked students at student competitions, international and national competitions and contests and for excellent performance at scientific forums.