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MU-Varna Introduced a New Technology for Current Assessment of Students

Since the beginning of the year, first-year students in Medicine and Dental Medicine at MU-Varna have been using one of the most advanced technologies for current assessment of the acquisition level of the lectures taught. Similar to the voting choices of the audience in the notorious Who Wants to Be a Millionaire competition, they have to choose an answer to the questions by means of special electronic equipment, so each student, according to him/her, chooses the correct answer: e. g. A, B, C or D.

"We have conducted more than 10 sessions of electronic voting with our students of Medicine and Dental Medicine from the English Language Programmes so far," says the head of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology Prof. Dr. Anton Tonchev. Up to now the University has purchased 100 devices. Special software is installed on the lecturer's computer. Each lecturer decides how to use the technology - either at the end of each lecture or as Prof. Tonchev practices, every third lecture, as the questions students have to answer are based on the material from the previous two lectures and / or video materials from the system for additional e-learning Blackboard​​.

If the majority of students fails to answer the questions correctly, the lecturer once again explains the relevant material which the students have found difficult to understand. In this sense the technology of Turning Point Technology Company is a real assistant of the lecturer during the teaching process, while at the same time it is also an important tool of the interactive learning model, in which a two-way relation between the lecturer and the students is established. The technology has also provoked a great interest in students themselves.

"The next step we are working on is the convenience this technology to be used also via mobile phones, tablets or laptops," says Prof. Tonchev.

In connection with the introduction of the new technology, the team of the University TV  - MU-Vi TV made a video clip ​​, which took part in the competition announced by the producers  of these devices. We are proud to announce that the clip is this year's winner of the competition.