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5th-year students of pharmacy present their analyses on the ratio between treatment effectiveness and price

The 5th-year students in the specialty of pharmacy will present their independent studies on two topics from pharmacoeconomics at 9 a.m. on December 17th in Auditorium “Prof. Kaprelyan” in the Regional Health Inspectorate in Varna. The studies were carried out within the framework of the project for syllabi improvement in the specialty which is in its final phase, e.g. approbation.

According to the project, the students and their instructors have to apply in real practice (approbate) some of the topics, units or approaches in the disciplines taught. On December 17th, two of the units will be approbated in the subject of pharmacoeconomics – “Analysis cost – minimization and its application for cost reduction for the drug therapy” and “Analysis cost – effectiveness and its application for the assessment of the costs of the drug therapy and comparison of drug alternatives”.

“These analyses are applied in practice to evaluate whether a drug can be included in the positive list of the NHIF or not, for the choice of the most effective utilization of the limited resources”, explained Assoc. Prof. Kuzmanova who teaches at the Department of Pharmacoeconomics and is one of the 12 expert teachers working on the project.

Students from the specialty of pharmacy, teachers and experts on the project are invited to the presentation of the students’ studies.