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What Happened at MU-Varna Over the Past Year and What Is to Be Expected?

The number of students at Medical University - Varna has increased by 43% over the past year, compared to 2012. Currently 3960 students are being trained at MU-Varna, about 900 of them - citizens of 43 countries around the world. This was announced by the Rector of the University Prof. Krasimir Ivanov, in connection with the report for the past year, at a press conference yesterday. "Ten applicants compete for a single place here, which is a prerequisite for a qualitative selection," pointed out Prof. Ivanov, and added that the increasing number of students was precisely the best assessment of the success of the higher school. The interest and number of international students are growing constantly. Their number has increased three times, compared to 2012. The University is a preferred higher school for young people from the European Union, the USA, Norway, Portugal. More than one third of the international students are German citizens.

A total number of 591 health professionals from 21 countries graduated from Medical University - Varna last year. The ambition of the management is to create new majors and master programmes. After the newest specialty established last year - Rehabilitation, Sea Treatment, Wellness and SPA - the launch of the training in the Master's Programmes in Public Health, Optometrist and Health Management is forthcoming (jointly with CASS European Institute of Management Studies in Luxembourg). There are also plans for the construction of a Clinical Simulation Centre that will expand and enrich the practical training of students.

Presently at MU-Varna 1555 postgraduate students from 100 specialties are being trained in 44 University, multiprofile and specialized hospitals and centres, with which the University has concluded contracts. The intake of new postgraduate students has risen by 53%, compared to 2012. The number of PhD students, who are currently studying at MU-Varna, is 144. "The lecturers, who acquire a title and a degree, meet all the legal requirements. Moreover, the criteria are even higher," underlined Prof. Ivanov. The Publishing House of MU-Varna is the first in the country with an electronic system for managing the publishing processes, and each of the four Faculties already has its own English-language scientific journal.

Research is an important facet of the University's activities. Food and nutrition, implantation and transplantation medicine, diseases of the central nervous system, oncology and rare diseases and management of diseases are the established priority directions in the field of research activities, pursued by the higher school. Aiming to bring together the research potential and to be in line with the modern trends of institutional responsibility and effective management of processes, a new structure - Academic Research Clinical Organization (ARCO) was created last year, which has already partnered with Oxford University and one of the largest companies for clinical trials Appletree. After the establishment of the first in our country University Medico - Dental Centre and Centre for Translational Medicine and Cell Therapy, the construction of a Laboratory for Pharmaco-Toxicological Research, a Laboratory for Genetic Analysis, as well as a Laboratory for Quality Control of Radiopharmaceuticals is forthcoming, announced the Rector of MU-Varna.
Over the past year the University has won projects worth over 5 million lev, under OP "Human Resources Development", OP "Competitiveness", "7th Framework Programme", Programme "Lifelong Learning", Programme "Public Health" to the EC, UNICEF, Programme "Horizon 2020". The University has partnership relations with 82 partners from five continents.
Significant resources have been invested in improving the technological and material base of the University. Currently the rough construction of the new building of the Faculty of Pharmacy, which began in October 2014, has been completed. The third class of Nurses and Midwives at the Affiliate of MU-Varna in Sliven will study in a new building. Two new Affiliates of the University in Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo are expected to open doors in the autumn of this year. Over 25 rooms with interactive boards and more than 20 computer labs with over 180 computers, the establishment of a DATACENTER, worth more than 1.5 million lev, and optical connection of all the structures of MU-Varna are part of the investments made in the field of new technologies.

137 decares in the area of “Malka Chaika” were granted under the management of the University with a government decision. Water sports complex with recreational areas and congress tourism are planned to be built there by the University. Furthermore, a Specialized University Centre, providing activities based on Sea Therapy, Non-Traditional Medicine and Rehabilitation is intended to be constructed in “Chaika” resort complex. The management of MU-Varna also intends to reorganize the space in front of the student residence hall in "Dubrovnik" Str. by planting greenery and landscaping the area.

Prof. Ivanov also announced the upcoming launch of the first national University television MU Vi TV.