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Тhe Launch of the First National University Television Was Officially Announced оn 24th May

Yesterday, 24th May, the first National University Television started officially its 6-hour programme. During the first month it can be viewed online through the website of the television within the time range 10:00 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 17:30. Besides broadcasting via cable and satellite during the next month, the television programme will be increased step by step, and gradually a full programme scheme will be launched.

The viewers of the new television will be able to watch educational programmes, lectures of specialists and everything that is going on at Medical University - Varna and "St. Marina" University Hospital in Varna. They will also be able to watch DW Programmes on medical topics as well as a series of films of Fremantle Australian Company for Documentaries.

The first season of the series "Family School", conducted by Assoc. Prof. Diana Dimitrova, is to be launched today 25th May. The broadcasts are intended for pregnant women and expectant mothers and will provide advice on raising and upbringing children.

From 27th May viewers will be able to watch the series "Step by Step", dealing with the social issues of the so-called different people. The focus of the first topic will be aggression towards children.

Besides the achievements of "St. Marina" University Hospital and MU-Varna, soon there will be broadcasts dealing with healthy eating as well as a morning show and various commentary programmes.