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"Never Ending Fairy Tales" at St. Marina University Hospital in Varna

Today, St. Marina University Hospital in Varna was the host of a special children's party under the initiative "Never Ending Fairy Tales" of the Bulgarian Pediatric Association and GlaxoSmithKline Company. Dimitar Rachkov and Bate Encho - special guests at the event, told the children the fairy tale of Kose Bose. Srebarni Zvancheta (Silver Bells) - the Children's Vocal Ensemble at the Municipal Children's Complex in Varna took care of the music and the good mood of all kids.
Launched two years ago, the project "Never Ending Fairy Tales" is aimed at improving the hospital stay of children and facilitating their recovery, using mobile libraries with books for all ages and specially trained animators.  The organizers explained that since the launch of the campaign in November 2012, it had covered 13 hospitals in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Ruse. In each of the children's clinics, there is an equipped room for games and entertainment, and animators, graduates in Psychology or Pedagogy, who work with the children twice a week.
 "There are 90 beds in the three specialized pediatric clinics at St. Marina, which have never been vacant. More than a quarter of the children in Bulgaria, suffering from oncological, neurological, cardiac, rheumatologic diseases, are being treated here. Their long stay is full of anguish, not only because very often the battle with the disease saps all their vitality, but also because they are separated from their family, school and friends. In such cases, stress can be overcome more easily, if a person with a big heart and a professional approach, with a gripping fairy tale succeeds in carrying the child in a much better world," shared the event moderator Assoc. Prof. Valeriya Kaleva, Head of the Department of Pediatric Oncohematology, Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics at the Medical University of Varna and Chairperson of the local board of the Bulgarian Paediatric Association.
Last year, within the project "Never Ending Fairy Tales", a charity initiative was organized at Varna University Hospital, in favour of the children’s clinics at the hospital, under the motto "Fairy Smiles" - "Give a Book! Make a Sick Child Happy!". The initiative for collecting children's books is still going on this year at the entrance of the Summer Theatre and in the courtyard of the University Hospital.