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Anesthesia Open National Tennis Tournament in Support of Organ Donation and Transplantation Was Held in Varna

The fourth Anesthesia Open National Tennis Tournament for doctors and medical students was held at the Municipal courts in Chaika Residence Area in Varna from 15 to 17 May 2015. Transplant patients, together with their relatives and children, joined the tournament for the first time this year. The tournament motto is "A particle of you can be the whole world for somebody else", with which transplant patients want to show that life and health are capable of overcoming despair and forlorn hope.

The event was organized by Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov"- Varna and the Department of Anesthesiology, Emergency, Intensive and Maritime Medicine in cooperation with the Executive Agency for Transplantation.

The tournament was opened by Dr. Mariyana Simeonova - Director of the Executive Agency for Transplantation, Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov - Rector of Medical University – Varna, Prof. Dr. Zhaneta Georgieva - Executive Director of "St. Marina" University Hospital, and Prof. Dr. Viliyan Platikanov - Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at "St. Marina" University Hospital - Varna and organ donation coordinator.

Prof. Krasimir Ivanov opened Anesthesia Open with the words: "It is my honour that the University hosts Anesthesia Open for the fourth consecutive year, a competition that has become a tradition for Varna Medical University and the anesthesia society. First of all, I would like to thank Prof. Platikanov for the spirit, desire, the will to organize it, because only the one who has organized such a sports event knows what it really takes to do it, how much effort is needed for such an organization. I would like to thank Dr. Simeonova, to the Executive Agency for Transplantation for rendering help to our friends and partners from the Association of Patients with Kidney Diseases. They should not forget that they are always welcome to Varna. There is no doubt that the best will win. However, in this tournament all that really matters is participation rather than winning itself. Good luck!"

Dr. Mariana Simeonova, Director of the Executive Agency for Transplantation, expressed gratitude to Prof. Platikanov, Dr. Marinchev, the whole team of ER, the surgeons and nurses at "St. Marina" and her willingness for future support and assistance. "Your are one of the hospitals that has saved the greatest number of human lives through transplantation, introducing a pure form of screening, i.e. proving brain death, which is a part of each therapy and each diagnosis in the ER in the world. You are at a European level, because the organs were transplanted in European countries, which is a token of a high level of professionalism. You have also saved the lives of our Bulgarian citizens who have been treated abroad. Thank you for everything and I hope that the Agency will find the best way to support you because there is always something else that could be done."

In Prof. Platikanov's opinion the tournament itself is extremely interesting because nothing like this tournament has ever happened before - doctors and transplant patients to play shoulder-to-shoulder. "The drawing of lots is not prearranged, everyone is playing on a level playing field, and the drawing of lots determines who your rival is. There are five cups and I hope the ones who really deserve them will be the winners," said Prof. Platikanov. Then he played the first set with the chairperson of the Association of Patients with Kidney Diseases Iveta Mavrova.

A total of 15 contestants are taking part at the tournament. Among them there are patients undergoing dialysis, transplant patients, Bulgarian and international students at MU-Varna and doctors across the country. The Minister of Health Dr. Peter Moskov and the Sports Minister Krasen Kralev have sent congratulatory letters to the organizers and the participants.