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Who is the favourite teacher of Commencement 2013 of medical students?

The prize “favourite teacher” was awarded for the first time in the history of Varna Medical University. This event took place during the official ceremony of Commencement 2013 of the Faculty of Medicine which was held on Saturday (30.11) in the Festival and Congress Center in Varna. 

Shortly after the graduates obtained their diplomas the overcrowded hall got dimmed in the expectation for the surprise to be revealed. A couple of weeks before the ceremony the graduates chose their favourite teacher after a secret questionnaire which was initiated by the Dean of the Faculty – Prof. Dr. Radoslav Radev.

The announcement of the prize holder by the speaker could compete with the Oscars.  “And now … The prize “Favourite teacher of Commencement 2013” of the Faculty of Medicine … goes to …. Dr. Petar Chankov from the Department of Surgical Diseases, Scientific and Training Center “Urology”!” At that moment, all the 134 graduates stood upright, applauded noisily and met Dr. Chankov who stepped on the stage under the sounds of Queen’s “I want to break free”.  The graduates decided to award Dr. Chankov as their favourite teacher not only because of his phenomenal similarity with Freddy Mercury.  According to Plamen Kochev who presented the award together with the student with the highest academic performance Zhaneta Yaneva “he is able to explain the most difficult thing in an easy and funny way”. 

Dr. Chankov thanked the young physicians. He expressed his gratitude to his professors whom he preferred to address as teachers. “Professors just instruct and teachers teach.  They give away something much more, they give a part of their own selves”.

Descending from the stage Dr. Chankov kissed the award victoriously and the graduates’ applauses proved that he deserved it in an undisputable way.