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Новини и Събития

The Mayor of Varna Awarded the Winners from MU-Varna in the Competition for the Most Beautiful Christmas Decoration

The prizes for the winners in the competition for the most beautiful outdoor Christmas decoration "Decorate Varna for Christmas 2018" were awarded today at a ceremony in Varna Municipality.

Universities, training centres, kindergartens, schools, cultural clubs, shopping centres, citizens took part in the second edition of the competition. The first place, with 650 votes, was awarded to Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov-Varna after voting on the Facebook page of the competition.

The Vice Rector for Innovations and Translational Medicine Prof. Dr. Christina Grupcheva and the designer at the University Christina Tacheva received a plaque and an honorary diploma from the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih.

He addressed the audience with the words, "This competition is a part of our efforts to change Varna and make it still more beautiful. I thank all participants for being a part of this cause and for decorating their homes and administrative buildings with warmth and love. I believe that our joint efforts are the foundation to make our city beautiful not only at Christmas, but to  make it  more and more beautiful every single day, and when we join our efforts  in this cause, I believe we will succeed. Thank you! I wish you good health and happiness!"

Prof. Grupcheva thanked the management and the team of the University for the job well done and for the everyday efforts for the development and prosperity of MU-Varna, "I personally have witnessed the way Hristina checks every single detail. And the merit for this award goes entirely to her and to all people who have been working together with her all the year round." When the journalists asked whether the content and the form really mattered, she replied, "The form is of particular importance. Anything that does not meet certain standards is doomed to ruin, regardless of its content. So, that is why we take care of both."

Designer Christina Tacheva revealed that that year there would be plenty of new projects and surprises that would fascinate the visitors to the University and all Varna citizens.

"Our decoration has been created for 5 years, constantly brought up-to-date and appreciated by the students, which is in fact our ultimate goal. It has been done with a great desire, a lot of efforts and enthusiasm. Every year we take into consideration the new trends in lighting, trying to build it up and to make it more and more attractive not only to the students, but also to all visitors, guests and people from Varna. I am absolutely sure that teamwork is the best way to achieve and succeed in anything. In the future I hope we will work in the same way with the same awesome people," she said.