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Achievements and Success of Varna Neuroscience

The 13th National Congress of Neurology with international participation took place in Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands) Resort from 16th to 19th last month. The Forum provoked keen interest and was attended by both neurologists from all over the country and some foreign lecturers in this field from Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey.
'Neurology has been one of the fastest developing sciences in Bulgaria in recent years, which favours the introduction of the latest achievements in the practice,' pointed out Prof. Kaprelyan, one of the main lecturers at the Congress.

Prof. Kaprelyan, what did you present during the scientific forum?
I presented a plenary lecture on "Functional Neuroimaging Methods in Emergency Situations". It is related to the most innovative methods of functional analysis of the brain. But I must point out that this work is the result of the collaboration among several interdisciplinary units within "St. Marina" University Hospital in Varna, which include both a team of specialists in the field of Nuclear Medicine and a team of specialists in the field of Neurology.

Would you tell us a little bit more about the work on this research project?
It was achieved thanks to the fact that the hospital has at its disposal modern equipment and technologies and the necessary specialists who can handle it. Thanks to the ambitions of the management of MU-Varna and the management of our medical establishment, we managed to buy a cyclotron, with which we ourselves produce the isotopes, needed for the patient examinations, with high-tech Positron Emission Tomography in a hybrid with computed tomography - PET scanner. And this already gives us far greater opportunities for examination of the patients.
Within the Congress I presented author's research results, based on investigation of patients in "St. Marina" University Hospital within the last 3 years. As I have already mentioned, the new methods allow us to expand the opportunities for early, more accurate and much more adequate diagnosis, which allows the best possible treatment for the patients to be prescribed.

What are the trends in the investigation of patients?
It should be borne in mind that the emphases in Neurology are related to the so-called neuro-oncological diseases. These are primary and metastatic tumors of the brain, investigation of patients with epilepsy, with various types of dementia, the most common - Alzheimer's disease, of patients with cerebrovascular diseases. That is, a panel of diseases that are of primarily medical, social, and last but not least – pharma-economic importance.

Would you tell us about the other achievements of the Nervous Diseases Department at Medical University - Varna during the conference?

The poster presented by a team of specialists and experts from "Aleksandrovska" University Hospital - Sofia (Prof. I. Tarnev, Assoc. Prof. Gergelcheva, Dr. T. Chamova, Dr. Z. Kamenova and Dr. L. Kalaidzhieva) and "St. Marina" University Hospital (Prof. A. Kaprelyan) won the first place. Furthermore, the Nervous Diseases Department at Medical University - Varna participated with a total of 9 posters. I believe that our successful presentation at the 13th National Congress of Neurology with international participation is the result of the successful implementation of the strategy of the Rector of the Medical University of Varna and the management of "St. Marina" University Hospital for the development of Varna neuroscience and practice.