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A Grand Concert in Celebartion of the 55th Anniversary of Medical University-Varna

A diverse programme and a grand concert celebrated the 55th anniversary of Medical University - Varna. A spectacular concert entitled "PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE" was held at the Festival and Congress Centre. The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov opened the ceremony with the words: "In terms of history 55 years are just a brief moment. However, for Medical University - Varna, this is a long period in quest of innovative teaching methods, development of scientific potential and creation of a modern academic institution."

Special guests at the event were Dr. Vanyo Sharkov - Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, who congratulated the guests on the occasion, His Eminence Joan Metropolitan of Varna and Veliki Preslav, members of Parliament, Rectors of higher education institutions  in the country, CEOs of hospitals , representatives of the executive power, public figures and friends of MU-Varna. Plenty of flowers, awards and more than 100 congratulatory addresses from all over the country were sent to the University, including the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rosen Plevneliev, the Minister of Education and Science - Ms Meglena Kuneva and Her Excellency Ms Iritis Lillian - Ambassador of the State of Israel to Bulgaria. The special events dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the University were attended also by guests from Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Romania.

The rectors, buildings, management, alumni and faculty from the creation of the University to the present day were presented in photos and videos, which were divided symbolically into three parts - past, present and future. The first part entitled "From the History of the Creation of Our University" was dedicated to the path to growth of the Higher Medical Institute consisting of only 1 Faculty to a Medical University with 4 Faculties, 1 College and 3 Affiliates, a member of the European Association of Universities, winning top ranks in prestigious national and international ranking systems of higher education institutions. Well-deserved tribute and respect was paid to all rectors over the years, highlighting their contribution to the development of the University.

Honorary plaquettes "55 Years of Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov"- Varna" were awarded to institutions that have supported the activities and development of the University from its creation to the present day in recognition of their support and encouragement in the quest of innovative methods in the field of the dynamically changing academic education of the 21st century.

Alumni of the four Faculties of the higher school who had been honoured with the awards "Golden Hippocrates", "Golden Galen" and "Outstanding Student of the Class" were presented in the second part, entitled "Present with a Vision for the Future".

The third part was dedicated to the future – the freshmen of MU-Varna, who are destined to be the new scientists, professors, innovators, medical professionals and who will attack the fortress of education with intelligence and knowledge, raising still higher the prestige of the University.

The programme went on with performances by the talented students of the folklore dance group at Medical University - Varna and the folk singer Hilyal Mehmet. BTR - the legends of the Bulgarian rock music marked the ending of the grand spectacle.​​