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A World-Renowned Specialist in Pharmaceutical Marketing Is a Guest Lecturer at Medical University - Varna

Within the framework of a bilateral cooperation agreement, under the Erasmus+ programme with the Medical University in Silesia, Katowice, Medical University - Varna is delighted to welcome Assoc. Prof. Wlodzimierz Bialik, MSc, PhD, DSc, Head of Department of Pharmacoeconomics, and Dr. Slawomir Wilczynski, PhD, from Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Polish University.


The aim of the visit is the implementation of the Erasmus+ lecturer mobility programme and conducting meetings and discussions targeted at extending the scope of the partnership. The guidelines for the future cooperation were set in a bilateral academic cooperation agreement between the universities, signed in April 2016, under the initiative of the Department of International Cooperation. This agreement laid the foundations for future joint projects in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.


During his visit, Dr. Slawomir Wilczynski is going to conduct two-week training at the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine and Nutrigenomics at the Faculty of Pharmacy at MU-Varna, under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Yoana Kiselova-Kaneva, DSc.


With the cooperation of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Management, Assoc. Prof. Wlodzimierz Bialik will deliver a series of lectures on the contemporary issues in the global pharmaceutical market and problems related to the pharmacoeconomic analysis. The main emphasis will be placed on:


  • Pharmacoeconomics - problems and limitations
  • Budget impact analysis
  • Pharmaceutical business
  • Reimbursement system in Poland
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • From Evidence Based Medicine to Marketing Based Medicine
  • Original vs reproductive medicines
  • How to lie with statistics


The lectures will be delivered on 19.05.2016 (Thursday), at 15:15, in auditorium 104, at the Faculty of Pharmacy.


All undergraduate and PhD students, lecturers, masters of pharmacy and everybody interested in the field of pharmaceutical marketing are invited to attend the lectures.


The lectures will be in English, translated into Bulgarian.​​​