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MU-Varna is Part of European Network of Experts on Health Workforce Planning

The Project "Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting" has entered its final phase. It is under the Health Programme, directly funded by the European Commission, involving 37 partners from Europe.

A project workshop was held on 16th March 2016, in Brussels. The event was organized by WP 7 "Sustainability", headed by Prof. Todorka Kostadinova, DSc. Besides the experts from Medical University–Varna, representatives of the National Centre for Public Health and Analysis-Sofia and the Catholic University of Leuven-Belgium took part. The workshop was attended by 46 experts from different countries, including representatives of the European Commission, ministries of health of member states, professional, trade and student organizations, universities, members of the Expert Group on Health Workforce at the European Commission, etc. 

The meeting was focused on the discussion of the documents of WP 7 "Sustainability", which shall be presented to the European Commission at the end of the project. Furthermore, there was a discussion on the future opportunities for the development of the European Network of Experts on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting, which was created during the project in order to establish long-term partnerships and exchange of experience among member states. Other highlights in the programme were the proposals for Business Plan for Sustainable Development and Concept for Technical Recommendations and recommendations aimed at creating policies.

All participants in the event manifested their strong support for the development of the European network of experts in the field of health workforce, which will provide a broad platform for sharing good practices and knowledge transfer among member states. During the discussions, the main directions for future research were outlined, as well as the opportunities to ensure sustainability of the results achieved during the project implementation.

Detailed information on the programme and the project can be found here.

On the following day-17.03.2016, as a follow-up activity, a meeting of the Expert Group on Health Workforce at the European Commission was held. It was attended by the head of the team of Medical University-Varna Prof. Todorka Kostadinova, DSc. The main facets of the discussions were the priority role and development of health workforce in Europe and worldwide.

Detailed information on the meeting can be found   here.