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More than 30 Students from MU-Varna Donated Blood for the Injured People in Hitrino

More than 30 students from Medical University - Varna organized themselves and donated blood for the victims in the terrible accident in Hitrino, where many people had been severely injured. After an excellent and prompt organization, the future medics, who were celebrating the Students' Day, once again demonstrated their readiness to render assistance at severe for the society moments.

"Tragedies do happen regardless of the time, season or holidays, and we, as healthcare professionals should be the people who are ready to come to the rescue and render assistance and support to the people in need at the most serious and difficult moments. That is why we urge every one of you to donate blood so that we can help as many people as possible. This does not cost anything, it is completely free and takes no more than an hour. However, for the injured people, this one hour could prove to be fatal! Be the people, thanks to whom as many as possible people will survive, be the ones who will donate hope and optimism to everyone swept by the firestorm. While your personal details are being taken, you should mention that you are a student at Medical University - Varna."

This is how the students from the Student Council at MU-Varna appealed to their colleagues in the social networks.


The campaign goes on tomorrow, 11 December. Medical University - Varna appeals to everyone to donate life on Sunday, at the Blood Transfusion Centre in the seaside capital.