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Doctors at “St. Marina” Restored the Normal Breathing of a Three-Month Baby after Performing a Sophisticated Endoscopic Operation

A medical team from St. Marina University Hospital-Varna performed a sophisticated endoscopic operation on a three-month boy, who was born with severe laryngomalacia. This is a condition, which in its mild forms is manifested by a sound resulting from air flow in the larynx, most noticeable when breathing in, called stridor. In this case, however, the condition was severe, and the larynx deformity impeded sleep, nutrition and even the normal breathing of the little patient, which required a complicated operation. At present he is the youngest patient in terms of age, height and weight with such a disease, one of plenty of patients successfully operated on at St. Marina University Hospital-Varna. The extremely little anatomical size of the three-month baby was the greatest challenge experienced by the team of otorhinolaryngologists and anesthesiologists.

 The intervention itself was performed according to an original methodology, by means of an ultrasonic instrument developed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Sapundzhiev from the Clinic of ENT Diseases. Its greatest advantage is that safety is at a very high level, and allows enhanced patient recovery. The ultrasonic micro scissors are used with similar success in various other surgical interventions in the field of ENT, and head and neck, and they have already provoked the interest of specialists at medical congresses abroad.

 "Practically, ultrasound micro scissors enabled us to safely operate the baby's larynx, which is as big as a pencil eraser. We succeeded in performing a bloodless endoscopic operation. This high-tech equipment has justified once again the money invested in it. The child restored his normal breathing immediately after the intervention. During the following days of monitoring he had absolutely no problems", said Assoc. Prof. Sapundzhiev.  

 The little patient with the triumphant name Victor was operated on his name day - the day when we celebrate Saint Menas – the patron saint of the family. Thanks to the sophisticated care provided by pediatricians, anesthesiologists and otorhinolaryngologists at St. Marina University Hospital-Varna and the high-tech equipment in the hospital, today he already breathes easily and is at home together with his family. ​