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Important steps to deepen the collaboration between Medical University of Varna and Medical University of Gdansk, Poland

The meetings between representatives of the management of MU-Varna and MU-Gdansk were focused on the partnership in the scientific and research activities and the academic exchange.
Our delegation visited Gdansk in the period 5-9 October 2015 in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. The team of MU-Varna was represented by Prof. Todorka Kostadinova, PhD, Vice Rector for International Relations, Accreditation and Quality, Prof. Albena Kerekovska, MD, PhD, Vice Rector for Educational Affairs , Prof. Diana Ivanova, DSc, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Assoc. Prof. Emanuela Raycheva-Mutafova, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Prof. Zlatislav Stoyanov, MD, DSc, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Assoc. Prof. Bistra Kalcheva, PhD, Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Silvana Dobreva and Svetlana Panayotova from the International Relations Department.
The invitation on behalf of the Rector of the Medical University of Gdansk was on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the university. MU-Varna and its activities were presented to the academic community and the guests of the official event.
During the celebration ceremony Prof. Kostadinova awarded an honorary plaque to the Rector of the Medical University of Gdansk on behalf of the Rector of MU-Varna prof. Krasimir Ivanov, MD, DSc.
During the visit the team from MU-Varna held a number of meetings with representatives of the academic management of the University in Gdansk – the Rector Prof. Janusz Moryś, M.D., Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Education Prof. Leszek Bieniaszewski, M.D., Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Maria Dudziak, M.D., Ph.D. , Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Piotr LASS, M.D., Ph.D., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Michał Markuszewski, Ph.D., and the Director of the Rector’s Office of Strategy & International Relations Prof. Jacek Bigda, M.D., Ph.D.

Our delegation visited the new center of invasive medicine, the biomedical college, the university clinics, the simulation complex and the museum of the history of medicine.

During the visit in Poland the representatives of our university got acquainted with the science and technology parks in Gdansk and Gdynia, their infrastructure, investment sectors, key corporate partners, initiatives and achievements. The team of MU-Varna presented the university’s project activity and discussed the opportunities for future partnership with the representatives of the companies, working in the science and technology parks. Many meetings were organized in the laboratory complexes of the parks. The MU-Varna team also visited the EXPERYMENT Science Center in Gdynia, which daily attracts numerous visitors of all ages.