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The World Hemophilia Day Is Celebrated under the Motto "HEAR THEIR VOICES" on 17 April

The World Hemophilia Day is celebrated annually on 17 April. The date has remained unchanged since 1989 and was chosen in honour of Frank Schnabel's birthday, who founded the World Federation of Hemophilia in 1963 in Montreal, Canada. 17 April is a day to express our sympathy for hemophilia patients and patients suffering from other less common congenital bleeding disorders.

That day has a special message every year. This 17thApril is dedicated to the millions of women and girls affected by bleeding disorders and the people taking care of those patients under the motto "Hear Their Voices". The appeal of the World Federation of Hemophilia is targeted at all people on the earth and aims at raising public awareness of blood disorders.

The objective of the worldwide information campaign this year is to dispel the misconception that congenital bleeding disorders affect only men. In most girls and women these disorders occur asymptomatically or with clinical manifestations, which are very often neglected by parents and the affected themselves, such as bruising, prolonged menstruation, non-accidental nose bleeding, prolonged bleeding after cutting, etc. The campaign also aims to remind healthcare professionals that one-third of prolonged menstrual bleeding is related to congenital bleeding disorders.

A fact that remains hidden for the society is that not only the affected by these disorders need support and sympathy but also their families and relatives who are constantly taking care of their life-long treatment and quality of life.

On the occasion of the World Hemophilia Day the Bulgarian Hemophilia Association organizes for the 2nd consecutive year a bicycle tour "TOGETHER" on 23 April 2017. The social and sports event starts at 10:30 am simultaneously in 3 cities - Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

The meeting point in Varna is the entrance to the Sea Garden. You can find more about the event here.