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Perseverance Is the Key to Success

​We'd like to present to you an interview with two ambitious girls, the twins Gabriela and Mariana Kirovi. They are dental students, 3rd year, Medical University - Varna. They are telling us about their excitement and emotions along the way from studying for the entry examinations, applying for the University and studying in it.

Interview: Kalina Bozhilova


What is your dream job?


Gabriela: Since my childhood I have adored animals and therefore, for quite a long time, my greatest desire was to become a veterinarian. Anyway, as time went by, I decided that it was not a suitable profession for me, although my love for animals remained unchanged. Both of us have never imagined working at a desk, we have always wanted to communicate with people, so we decided that any humane occupation would bring us satisfaction.


Mariana: When I was a little girl I loved drawing and singing, but later on I realized that neither of them was my talent. When we were school girls, 10th-11th grade already, both Gabby and I chose Dental Medicine.


How did you get ready for the entry exams?


Mariana: All in all, the preparation of each applicant depends on his/her efforts, on his/her desire and motivation. We attended private lessons which were of great benefit to us. We solved plenty of problems and examined each other. In general, we helped each other a great deal. Currently we proceed in  the same way while we are getting ready for the examination sessions.                           


Where did you find information on the admission campaign of MU-Varna?


Gabriela: Some friends of ours, who had already been admitted, shared their impressions and told us how to apply for the University. However, we were able to find the most important information on the regular and preliminary exams on the site of the University. It provides detailed and thorough information on everything related to the submission of documents and the admission campaign.


Mariana: We applied in Sofia as well, where we were also admitted, but we found out that here the training facilities are better and we preferred to stay here. Dental Medicine was our first choice. We did not want to study in any other programme of study, and we are extremely happy to study exactly this. We had never had any hesitations about our choice, and we believe that with the practice it will become even more interesting.


What does it feel like to cross the threshold of the University as a student for the first time?


Gabriela: Satisfaction and happiness. It was a great relief that all our efforts and work done had been successful, that we were a part of the multinational family of the most prestigious University, Medical University - Varna.


Can you share the memory of your first exam?


Mariana: Well, our first examination was in Cytology, Embryology and Histology. I was terribly embarrassed. The Blackboard system had just been introduced and actually we were not very well prepared for this exam format. Consequently, a great deal of the students dropped out at the stop test. But, on the other hand, during the re-sit session, when we already had a clear idea of how the exam went on, I got an excellent mark.


Gabriela: The first examination can never be forgotten. For me, the first exam was a tremendous challenge, and I was pretty nervous, but I was lucky and for me it was successful. Afterwards I was really proud of myself and my success.


Do you feel confident that you are going to leave the University well-prepared?


Mariana: Yes, I do believe that at the University we get a very good foundation for launching our practice. Our lecturers are very competent, they teach us with great fervour and enthusiasm, so I am positive that we will get excellent training. Of course, after finishing our studies at the University, we will continue to attend various courses and seminars.


Gabriela: I do not think there is a student who is 100% confident in him/herself. Moreover, our profession requires continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skill improvement, but the good training and the eager desire for further development can really guarantee our success.


Could you describe your lecturers in five words?


Mariana: Respectable, tolerant, helpful, erudite, competent.


Which is the funniest situation during your studies at the University? Would you tell us about it?


Mariana: We have had an abundance of hilarious stories together with our colleagues. The funniest that comes to our mind now, well, it was absolutely not funny at that moment though, it happened at the end of the first year when we had to prepare wax tooth models. We were in a hurry for the exercise and forgot them in the car, and since it was quite warm outside - when we came back, everything had melted and there were no teeth...


Has it ever happened one of you to pretend to be the other one at an exam or an exercise?


Mariana: No, never. When we were at school our classmates often asked us why one of us did not substitute the other one from time to time, but we think we are quite different, and since we study together, we are equally prepared.


Gabriela: We have never done this, but there are scores of advantages to having a twin. First of all, we are never bored, we trust each other completely, we can always count on each other and support each other, and above all, you have a best friend for life.


In your opinion, what are the advantages of MU-Varna, what is the atmosphere like, do you feel integrated with your colleagues?


Mariana: In addition to getting an excellent education, one of the advantages of our University is that it hosts a variety of campaigns, organized by students, for the prevention of different diseases. Our colleagues are absolutely awesome, we have become great friends both inside and outside the University, and we are very pleased with that.


Which has been the most interesting subject for you so far, and the most difficult?


Gabriela: The special subjects have been the most interesting from all the subjects we have studied so far, for example, Prosthetics, because our practical training begins with it. But still there are many more subjects to be studied. As far as the most difficult subject is concerned – perhaps, Pathoanatomy, because the material is extremely extensive.


The preliminary entry tests in Biology and Chemistry in MU-Varna are forthcoming. What would you advise the applicants, what is your formula for success?


Mariana: We don't have any particular formula for success. Persistence is the key to any kind of success and the innate desire to achieve your goals, so our advice to applicants is to be persistent, to invest the necessary time and effort, because the satisfaction of being successful is overwhelming. We wish them good luck and success in the examinations in order to experience the emotion of crossing the threshold of MU-Varna as students!


And finally, what shall we wish the two girls? Of course, success in their training in Dental Medicine, and with a lot of zeal and desire, always to be able to fulfil their goals.