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Dr. Vladimir Vasilev’s Life and Deeds are the Focus of the Fourth Exhibition of the Series “To Sir with Love!”

An exhibition, dedicated to the life and deeds of Dr. Vladimir Vasilev (1924 - 1996), was opened at the Library of MU-Varna. This is the fourth thematic exhibition "To Sir with Love!", prepared by the Faculty of Public Health, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its creation.

Dr. Vasilev carried out his thorough research and extensive public activities in the field of History of Medicine. The object of his studies is the history of climatology treatment, the health issues of the city of Varna after the First World War, the activities and history of the first charity hospital in Bulgaria before the Liberation "Paraskeva Nicolau".

After joining the Department of Social Medicine and Organization of Healthcare in 1978, he incorporated for the first time the subjects Medical Sociology and History of Medicine in the training. Besides the translation of the Hippocratic Oath from ancient Greek, among the tremendous contributions of Dr. Vasilev stands out  his active role in the organization of the Museum of the History of Medicine – Varna and the development and enrichment of the museum collection and the museum library.

Dr. Vasilev carried out extensive research in the field of traditional folk medicine, explored Bulgarian Folk Lekovnitsi (Ancient books, describing folk healing practices and skills) (17-19 century). He described the recipes in them according to the diseases they were intended for and sought their relationship with the scientific medicine in the ancient world, mainly Greece and Rome.

Besides his fascinating books, Dr. Vasilev bequeathed to us his passionate love to explore and the awareness that without history, genuine knowledge in any scientific field is impossible to be achieved.

The exhibition is set up in the main hall of the Library and will remain there until 20 May.

The series "To Sir with Love!" continues till June. Scientists, lecturers and public health practitioners related to the history of the Faculty of Public Health will be presented there each month. The exhibitions are part of an extensive programme dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the establishment of FPH.​