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The 18th Congress of Infertility and Reproductive Health Has Finished

​The 18th National Congress of Infertility and Reproductive Health, organized by the Bulgarian Association of Sterility and Reproductive Health (BASRH), was held once again at Borovets Resort in March. Traditionally, the event brought together leading experts in the field of Reproductive Medicine from Bulgaria and abroad to share knowledge and experience on the latest developments in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

The President of BASRH, who is the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at MU-Varna, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Kovachev delivered a plenary lecture entitled "ART Complications - Ovarian Torsion and Bleeding after Follicular Puncture". This year the Congress programme included a pre-congress course for health care professionals, dedicated to modern prenatal and postnatal obstetric care, which was moderated by Prof. Diana Dimitrova - Director of Affiliate Veliko Tarnovo at Medical University - Varna.

Prominent foreign lecturers participated at the forum – Prof. Cornelis Lambalk, who delivered a report on multi-follicular ovaries, Prof. Raoul Orvieto, whose lecture was on specifics of embryo transfer, and others.

One of the leading gynecologists in Bulgaria, Dr. Georgi Stamenov, presented a solution to "Preservation of fertility and reproduction ability in patients who are about to undergo gonadotoxic treatment. Pregnancy and gonadotoxic treatment - recommendations and behavior depending on the diagnosis". It is the result of a round table, during which experts in Reproductive Medicine and Oncogynecology presented their views and recommendations on the behavior of patients with oncological diseases who were about to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy,  with a view to preserve their fertility. Freezing of eggs, sperm and embryos has been legalized in Bulgaria, but that of testicular and ovarian tissue has not been legalized yet. So there will be attempts to regulate these procedures as well.

The reports on Reproductive Medicine presented by Bulgarian specialists have shown that all known methods of assisted reproduction have already been implemented in our country. Moreover, the latest methods of preimplantation diagnosis have been implemented in Bulgarian reproductive clinics, and their level is absolutely comparable to that in more developed countries. An example of which is the percentage of achieving clinical pregnancy in an In Vitro Center, which is similar to the results of the most European clinics.