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A Distinguished European Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology will be a Guest Lecturer at MU-Varna

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pirsig from the University of Ulm-Germany, a guest lecturer at Medical University-Varna, is going to deliver a lecture on: Diagnostic for OSA in Children, which is included in the cycle "OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGIA PRACTICA", on 4 April 2016, at 2:00 pm, in room 501, at St. Marina University Hospital.

Prof. Pirsig is one of the most erudite European specialists - otorhinolaryngologists. He worked at the University of Hamburg, where he dealt with the problems of physiology of hearing routes and rhinology in children and adolescents. He also obtained his habilitation in the same university. After 1979 he was elected Professor at the University of Ulm. Throughout this period, his main research interests have been focused on rhinology and ronhopathy. He has been an active rhinosurgeon, lecturer/organizer of more than 280 courses in rhinosurgery and more than 60 courses in sleep medicine.

The lecture is intended for all specialists - otorhinolaryngologists and medical doctors, graduate and undergraduate students, having special interests in this area of Medicine.