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MU-Varna Celebrates 12th May - International Nurses Day

12th May - the International Nurses Day was officially celebrated at Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" – Varna today. Students majoring in Nursing and Midwifery at MU-Varna presented their vision of the noble professions they have chosen to their lecturers, colleagues and guests at a ceremony, organized by the Department of Health Care, which was held at Auditorium "Prof. Dr. G. Kaprelyan" in RHI. A greeting speech on behalf of the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov was delivered by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Albena Kerekovska. The students were also greeted by Assoc. Prof. Emanuela Mutafova , Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Prof. Dr. Dimitrichka Bliznakova - Director of the Medical College, Raina Boyadzhieva - chairman of the regional board of the Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals as well as representatives of the management bodies of all Varna hospitals.

Diplomas named after Florence Nightingale were awarded to Assist. Prof. Tamara Tsvetkova for “scientific contributions to Nursing”, Darina Yordanova - Director of “Shturche” Child Nursery №8 and Yordanka Todorova - senior midwife at a maternity ward at “Prof. Dr. D. Stamatov” Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital - Varna, for “practical contributions to Nursing”, and Silviya Uzun - fourth year student majoring in Nursing in the category “Outstanding Students in Training and Practical Activities”.

This year, for the first time the Faculty of Public Health has announced a competition for a poster or an essay entitled “My Profession” on the occasion of 12 May - International Nurses Day, in which 26 students majoring in Nursing and Midwifery at Medical University- Varna competed. All participants received certificates and the competition winners were awarded by Assoc. Prof. Silviya Borisova - Head of the Department of Health Care.

The students from the folk song and dance troupe at MU Varna contributed to the wonderful mood of today's celebration.

12 May is the birthday of Florence Nightingale - the first woman who laid the foundations of modern nursing, turning it into science. She is among the world's 100 most influential women of all time in human history. Florence Nightingale made a real breakthrough in the service of wounded and sick soldiers during the Crimean War. After the war she was proclaimed a heroine of England. In 1859 she published a book entitled Notes on Hospitals. There she determined the major principles and standards to be followed in hospitals taking care of patients. Some of these principles are still valid and up-to-date in modern medicine and healthcare. She was called "The Lady with the Lamp" because she introduced the rule of making rounds of wounded soldiers at night. In 1860 she established the first secular nursing school "Nightingale" at "St. Thomas" hospital in London. Florence Nightingale was the first woman to be awarded with a medal for special merits. She profoundly influenced hospital services and gave nursing a highly favourable reputation and nobleness. 

In consequence, the International Nursing Committee decided 12th May, her birthday, to be commemorated. This decision dates back to 1935, and the International Nurses Day has been celebrated around the world since 1965.