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Minister Moskov Visited MU-Varna and Had a Meeting with Students Who Donated Blood for the Injured in Hitrino

The Minister of Health Dr. Petar Moskov and the Deputy Minister Dr. Vanyo Sharkov visited Medical University - Varna and met the students who donated blood for the injured people in the terrible accident in Hitrino.

At the weekend more than 50 future physicians from MU-Varna, who were celebrating the Students' Day, donated blood for the injured people in Hitrino. The Ministers expressed their gratitude to the Bulgarian and foreign students, and earlier today at a briefing at St. Marina University Hospital, Dr. Petar Moskov also thanked all Bulgarian citizens who took part in the blood donation campaign in different cities of the country.

Minister Moskov addressed the students, saying, "Christian deeds and, in general, kind-hearted noble deeds tend to be irrational, and they do not bring anything to you. If you manage to preserve that special urge that made you donate blood, you will be winners, because the good people always win in the end. Thank you on behalf of the Prime Minister, on behalf of all the teams working in the hospitals, which thanks to you, are rendering help to the people at the moment. You should be extremely proud of your teachers who reacted absolutely professionally in this situation. Thank you very much!"

The Rector of MU - Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov also expressed his gratitude, "I have told Dr. Moskov that our students' desire to help is not impulsive, but absolutely conscious, because they were the first to take actions and help the victims during the disaster in Asparuhovo. It happened during the exam session, with plenty of serious exams pending. The students from MU-Varna were the first students ready to provide help. I am extremely pleased that both then and now a lot of foreign students were actively involved. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have such students in Varna. Thanks for what you did, I wish you success!"

​Dr. Sharkov concluded, saying, "Actually, you took one of the most important exams in your lives. You have already become doctors before receiving your diplomas."