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The Council for Electronic Media (CEM) Gave the Green Light for the Launch of the First National University Television -

​The University Television of MU-Varna was registered officially by the Council for Electronic Media. The start date for the launch of the television is expected to be in March 2015. will be with national coverage and will be broadcast by both cable and satellite network. The programme profile is dedicated to medicine and healthcare. During the first six months the television will broadcast 6 hours a day. After the expiry of the 6 month-period, the programme will be 24-hour, and will be balanced both with programmes for professionals and a wider audience.


Here is the decision of CEM:

THE COUNCIL FOR ELECTRONIC MEDIA pursuant to Art. 32, para. 1 (16) and item 16a, in relation to Art. 125a, para. 1 and para.5 and Art. 125k of the Law on Radio and Television, and Art. 9, item 2 of the Tariff of Fees for Radio and TV activity


I. TO REGISTER as a supplier of linear media service (television operator) Medical University - Varna "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov", with head office and management address:  Varna, 55 Prof. Marin Drinov St.

II. TO ENTER in the First Section of the Public Register:

1. Television Programme with:

·         Title / Trademark:

·         Programme Profile: specialized (medicine and healthcare);

·          Programme Duration: 6 hours for the first six months and thereafter a 24-hour programme;

·         Start Date of Distribution: 01/03/2015;

·         Type of Operator: public.