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Open Access Policy of MU-Varna Voted by Its Academic Council

Open Access Policy to Research Output was adopted by the Academic Council of the Medical University of Varna at its last meeting. Open Access (OA) and Open Science idea established itself as a global trend in recent years. This is the practice of providing free online access to research output which is free of charge for the end user and available for multiple re-use.

Freely accessible online scientific platforms, repositories and full text data base collections are just a part of the new way of scientific communication. Several Bulgarian universities and scientific institutions, MU-Varna being one of them, have launched their own repositories (online digital OA archives) as a component of the global research infrastructure.

Medical University - Varna, is the first Bulgarian university not only to create and maintain a repository – its Medical Academic Repository, and an online OA medical journals platform with 10 online journals, 8 of which in English, but to come forth with an official Open Access Policy​. Voted by the Academic Council the Policy reflects University's vision to create an accessible and dynamic scientific space. Major renowned universities such as Harvard Medical School, Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg, Humboldt University, MIT and many others have already declared their OA policies. There are more than 400 OA policies in place across Europe only. 

Open access to scientific publications and research data has been anchored as an underlying principle in the Horizon 2020 EU programme aiming to enhance the research and discovery process, provide greater efficiency, accelerate innovation and improve transparency of the scientific process. Similar to the EU strategy, most major international donors encourage or mandate Open Access as a prerequisite for funding research.

It is expected these policies to foster collaboration and avoid duplication of efforts by reducing administrative burdens and minimizing the time spent on access to information.