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Parents Who Have Donated Their Children’s Organs Were Awarded with "Golden Star" at St. Marina University Hospital


Today Prof. Dr. Viliyan Platikanov, regional organ donation coordinator and head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at St. Marina University Hospital - Varna awarded an honorary sign "Golden Star" and a Thank You Letter from the Executive Agency for Transplantation to two families, who lost their children in November, nonetheless they made the noble decision to donate their children's organs to other patients. The parents of a 7-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl, who suffered brain death due to congenital malformation of the brain vessels, received an honorary sign and deep gratitude from the transplant team at St. Marina University Hospital - Varna.

Despite the severe loss, the relatives made the noble decision to donate the organs. Thus the boy gave life to five and the girl to four severely ill patients. Receiving the plaque, the parents thanked the doctors at St. Marina and asked, "How do the transplanted patients feel?"

 Here are some lines from the Thank You Letter, given to the relatives, "Dear people, through the donation, you bestowed not only life, but also hope, yearnings, dreams ... Days, seasons, years pass by, people are being born, and others die. Some of them leave unforgettable memories, like the ones who have bestowed a part of themselves. Their names are not inscribed on the golden pages of history. However, they leave a golden trace in people's minds with a prolonged life and a golden thread in the unwritten story of Well-Doing. Deep respect and reverence for you!"

In 2016, at St. Marina University Hospital - Varna, owing to the team of Prof. Platikanov, 7 donor situations were successfully performed, giving a chance for a new life to more than 20 severely ill people.​