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Home nurses from England were guest lecturers in our Affiliate in Shoumen

Yesterday, October 12th 2015, the nurses from Warwik (England) Alison Whitmore, Sara Gallon, Sara Williams and Dian Aldersly delivered a lecture entitled "Early children's development and parental skills".

 The students from the specialty of nursing and midwifery were acquainted with the most recent research and achievements about the role of the patronage nurse and the partnership with the parents in the early care for the upbringing of children aged 0 to 3. The lecture enjoyed increased interest and the active participation of the students in the detailed discussion about the practices in Bulgaria and England. The outcomes were also presented of the joint project between UNICEF and the Medical University of Varna in the framework of which a Centre for Maternal and Children's health was established in the town of Shoumen.