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A Prominent Specialist in Medical Law will be a Guest Lecturer at MU-Varna

On 12 April 2016, at 2.00 pm, in Auditorium "Vladimir Ivanov" at St. Marina University Hospital, a guest lecturer at Medical University - Varna will be a prominent specialist in medical law Attorney Dr. Maria Petrova, who will deliver a lecture entitled:

  • Medical law - between the laws and the daily routine of the medical specialist
Maria Petrova, Doctor and Attorney at Law, is among the very few specialists in Europe, holding a master's degree in human medicine and law. Her clients are leading medical institutions and medical professionals in the country. Attorney Dr. Maria Petrova has worked as an expert on healthcare in the institution of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria and as a legal consultant at the Partnership for Health consultative advisory body to the Council of Ministers. She has been an independent expert in the preparation of medical expert reports in pre-trial proceedings. She is a member of Sofia Bar Association and the International Association of Lawyers. Attorney Dr. Petrova is a certified mediator in the a field of Disputes in Healthcare. Her lectures on the issues of medical malpractice have been discussed at international scientific forums on medical law.

The lecture is intended for medical specialists and students in their last years of education. The lecture focuses on the types of responsibility of the medical specialist, ways of prevention and extrajudicial settlement of disputes. Through real examples taken from the practice, Attorney Dr. Petrova will emphasize the need of enhancing the legal awareness of all professionals employed in the healthcare sector.