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A Student from MU-Varna Helped Save a Human Life

Nikolay Tsolov, 3rd year Dental Medicine student from Medical University - Varna, happened to be the 'good guy' for the Boltons family.

Early in the morning, on 22 March​, Marinka Bolton was expecting the Emergency team for her husband with increasing anxiety, in front of the building where they live. Nikolay saw the worried woman and stopped his car beside her. Together with his friend Stanislav, they readily decided to lend a helping hand, carrying the patient downstairs and transporting him to the Emergency Room of St. Anna University Hospital. The diagnosis was a heart attack, Brian Bolton was hospitalized, two stents were placed, and fortunately, the patient's life was saved.

In a letter to the Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, Mrs. Bolton described what had happened and expressed her husband's and her own gratitude for the invaluable help: 'If I hadn't met these good guys by chance, I can't imagine what could have happened. Congratulations to Nicholay, who showed great determination!'

 You can read the interview with the Boltons and Nicolay here​.