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The President of BRC Mr. Hristo Grigorov Awarded the Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov with a Gold Medal for Great Merit

The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov was honoured with the highest award of BRC - Gold Medal for Great Merit. The medal was awarded today during the presentation of the Autumn Academy of the International Red Cross Festival by the President of BRC Mr. Hristo Grigorov, who said: "During its meeting the National Council of BRC decided to honour Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov with the Gold Medal of BRC for Great Merit - not only for saving human lives, but also because he has a very big heart and has always responded to our needs."

"I accept this medal not as a personal merit but as recognition for the entire team I am working with at MU-Varna. Throughout all these years we have been working together, and we have united ourselves in support of various causes. We believe that we have done this in the name of people and the whole society", said Prof. Ivanov. "You know that not only students and lecturers but everyone participates actively in the activities initiated by BRC, in the campaigns, which are organized constantly. We work closely together in all these directions. And when we were opening the revived Festival I told you that it would not be occasional, that we had set off on a long way, and now you see that with this Autumn Academy we have been developing in the direction that we declared in the very beginning."

Prof. Ivanov expressed his gratitude once again for the high honour awarded by the management of BRC.​