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The Rector of MU-Varna Prof. Ivanov Was Awarded with Varna Prize which He Dedicated to Medical Students

The Rector of Medical University - Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov was awarded with the highest honour at this year’s Varna Awards - a Gold Honorary Sign for Merits to Varna. This highly deserved prize was awarded to him on the eve of 24th May by the City Mayor Mr. Ivan Portnih at an official ceremony in Plenary Hall at the Municipality of Varna. Prof. Ivanov was awarded with the Gold Honorary Sign for his outstanding contributions to the development of the city in the field of Science and Medicine.

The Executive Director of "St. Marina" University Hospital Prof. Dr. Zhaneta Georgieva was awarded with an individual Varna Prize in the field of Science and Higher Education for her outstanding contribution and dedication to the establishment of an Oncology and Radiotherapy Centre and the opening of a Centre for Translational Medicine and Cellular Therapy at Varna University Hospital.

"Personally, this award is an evaluation of what I've done so far for the citizens of Varna. For me, this recognition is awarded to a greater extent to the teams of Medical University - Varna and "St. Marina" University Hospital rather than to me. The merit for it belongs to them to a great extent", said Prof. Ivanov.

Prof. Ivanov dedicated his award to the students who have chosen Medicine for their destiny and professional career, as he believes that they are the ones who need encouragement and appreciation. "In our society, unfortunately, we have witnessed a negative attitude towards doctors. We are constantly bombarded with "black information" about the failures in medical profession. These people should receive the recognition they deserve from the public and the media in order to be able to fully dedicate themselves to their profession. I believe that in this way doctors will get an impetus to develop their potential in this field", said Prof. Ivanov.