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Second National Student Competition, Dedicated to 24th May : Bearers of Enlightenment 2014


On the occasion of the Day of Slavonic Alphabet and Bulgarian Culture, the National Representation of Student Councils ( has launched the National Competition "Bearers of Enlightenment 2014".
The competition aims to collect, distinguish, encourage and promote those positive events, personalities, ideas and messages in Bulgaria, related to the topics of the development of Bulgarian culture, education and science, which are the bearers of hope for a better and sustainable future for Bulgaria.
"In order to show," have written the organizers," that in modern Bulgaria - in the digital age, in the European Union, even in times of economic crisis, social difficulties and challenges, the Enlightenment spirit and Enlightenment ideals are still alive - in their contemporary, diverse, progressive, sometimes even bizarre forms. And that students of Bulgaria have the senses and skills to discover them around themselves ... "

Students can participate with materials in the following areas:
1. Category "Photograph"– original photographs that express the author's interpretation of the topic "Bearers of Enlightenment 2014". 
2. Category "Short Essay"– an essay (up to three pages) on a current issue related to the topic of the competition "Bearers of Enlightenment 2014".The object of the essay could be ideas, messages, events or other associations that the author makes with the development of culture, education and science in Bulgaria - today and in the future. 
3. Category "They - the Bearers of Enlightenment 2014"– a nomination (up to 2 pages) of a personality of the Bulgarian cultural, educational or scientific community who you'd like to nominate for a recipient of the title "Bearer of Enlightenment 2014". The most convincing and well-grounded nominations will be awarded at the competition "Student of the Year 2014" with a special award.
4. Category "I –  Bearer of Enlightenment 2014" – a category for promotion of positive personal and group patterns of behavior and role models, based on authors' own contribution and individual responsibility. Within a short text (up to 3 pages), they should describe a good practice or an idea of a good practice (with a description / its implementation plan) in the field of culture, education and science - a deed of individual students or student formal or informal groups and organizations. 
5. Category "Twitter-message"– a competition for a short message up to 180 characters in the social networks Twitter or Facebook, which addresses the topic of the Bearers of Enlightenment today, in Bulgaria, with an interpretation chosen by the author. Due to the fact that modern technology and social media as a channel of communication are also one of the Bearers of Enlightenment 2014.

The participants can also record a video up to 3 minutes long of their topic or a nomination on the topic of the competition.

Participants and deadlines

The winners and awards in all categories will be determined by a jury formed by representatives of the National Representation of Student Councils,  the academic community and organizations - partners of NRSC of the civil and private sectors.
The project is open to all Bulgarian students in Bachelor's or Master's degree, studying in Bulgarian and foreign higher schools. The aim of the organizers is to maximally stimulate student creativity and authorship.
 Deadline for submission of materials: 5th  May 2014. The winners announcement and the award ceremony will be held on the eve of 24th May  2014.

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