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Two New Programmes of Study Have Been Launched at MU-Varna This Year

The Varna Medical University offers training in more than 20 different programmes of study. The interest in all of them has been steadily high, and the competition continues to be at the forefront, with five to six applicants competing for one place. Traditionally, the most highly desired programmes of study are Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. The unique for Bulgaria Military Doctor programme, which has been realized together with Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy - Varna and the Military Medical Academy, also provokes a huge interest in prospective applicants.

Applicants will be able to apply for two new programmes - Kinesiotherapy and Health Information Technology, starting from 2020/2021 academic year.

The training in Kinesiotherapy programme is for acquisition of an educational qualification degree of Bachelor. It is full-time tuition, with a duration of four years, which finishes with a state examination. Applicants need to have a completed secondary education and pass an entrance examination in Biology in the form of a test. Having passed this exam successfully, they are also entitled to participate in the rankings for other programmes of study.

The second new programme is Health Information Technology, which ends with acquisition of an educational qualification degree of Master. It is intended to meet the special needs of the healthcare sector in Bulgaria for highly qualified professionals with an interdisciplinary training required for the development, implementation and maintenance of software products and information databases specific for the field of health and healthcare, as well as methods for modelling and processing medical images and simulations for practical and research purposes. This is a distance form of tuition, with a duration of two years, which finishes with a state examination or a diploma thesis defense. It is one of the several programmes offered at MU-Varna, which can serve as a continuing training for persons who have not completed medical specialties.  For the first time this programme has enabled graduates of medical colleges who have completed "X-Ray Laboratory Assistant" programme to acquire an additional qualification.

Everybody interested in the programmes provided at MU-Varna is welcome to attend the traditional Open Days on 20th and 21st March 2020. Applicants willing to get acquainted with the opportunities for higher education and vocational training will have the chance to visit the four Faculties of the University - Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health, as well as the Medical College and to look around the training facilities.

The modern training facilities at the University, up-to-date high-tech training methods, opportunities for English language training, diplomas recognized in all EU countries are among the appealing assets of the University. With each passing year, the admission campaigns for international students are being conducted under the conditions of ever-increasing competition. Currently, more than 6000 undergraduate, PhD and post-graduate students from Bulgaria and 49 countries around the world are being trained at MU-Varna. The interest of applicants coming from Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Ireland, the Scandinavian countries and others is traditionally very high, and the number of international students has exceeded 1 700. The students have the opportunity to carry out a part of their training at one of the partner universities, with which MU-Varna has concluded agreements - more than 90 institutions from five continents. More than 50 000 university alumni live and work in over 40 countries around the world.

Having crossed the threshold of the multinational university, students are immersed into an environment with plenty of opportunities to study the chosen programme and to develop themselves. With nearly 60 years of educational traditions, MU-Varna has been one of the fastest growing modern state-of-the-art universities in the country, providing excellent training and research opportunities at a high European level. The environment is supportive, the groups are small in number, and the lecturers are personally committed to each student.

The University offers a wide scope of intriguing extracurricular activities for the students: University television, health information and charity campaigns, student science conferences, unforgettable student holidays, international culinary evenings, talent nights, student parties with guest performers and actors, sports tournaments, festivals, competitions, etc.

The University management also puts a strong emphasis on sports and physical activities as an indispensable part of student development and preparation. In addition to the modern sports facilities available to them, MU-Varna also provides professional coaches in football, basketball, volleyball and tennis, as well as sailing courses.

The clinical training is conducted at modern and cutting-edge clinical facilities at University Hospital "St. Marina" and other hospitals in Varna and Sofia, as well as in other cities in the country. With each passing year, Medical University – Varna makes ever-increasing investments in its educational structures, which are highly appreciated both by the students and lecturers, and the public. Under the expert supervision of their highly qualified lecturers, many of whom with international authority and recognition, students can choose to embark on the path of science, for which they will undoubtedly receive their lecturers' full support.