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Educational Institutions and Pharmaceutical Business Partnership

The training of Pharmacy students at Medical University - Varna to become entirely consistent with the current demands of the labour market and the Pharmaceutical Business is the core of the project, under “Development of Human Resources” Operational Programme, which the University intends to implement in the next two years.

The Medical University, which has a history and traditions of more than half a century
, always aims at being at the cutting edge of the modern, contemporary and innovative. This is reflected in the permanent and planned launching of specific measures and actions, a part of which is the project “Updating and Approbation of the Curricula and Programmes of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Medical University - Varna, in Accordance with the Demands of the Pharmaceutical Business and the Requirements of the Labour Market - BG051PO001-3.1.07-0046”.

Its ultimate goal is to meet the social order of the Pharmaceutical Business for the acquisition of high professional competence and knowledge of the Pharmacy students at MU - Varna and parallel
with it, to work towards the enhancement of their competitiveness at the labour market.

In order to accomplish this aim, it is intended to establish a relationship of a long-term partnership between the educational structures of the University on the one hand, and the employers' organizations, businesses and key experts in the Pharmaceutical Business, on the other hand.  The plans involve active participation of representatives of the Pharmaceutical Business in the educational process with a view to the implementation of practical training of new skills and competences, which shall be acquired by the students through the introduction of new curricula and plans. The students will be able to have classes in a real work environment which will result in the acquisition of additional good practices and knowledge.

Within the joint project of the University and the Pharmaceutical Sector, a working group, including experienced professionals from the Pharmaceutical Business, appointed to the positions "consultant" and "trainer", and experts of the Academic staff at the Faculty of Pharmacy, will be created. Together, they will develop a “System of Criteria for Analysis and Assessment of the Educational Needs of the Pharmacy Business Environment”.  On this basis
, steps will be taken to update the curricula and the programmes of Pharmacy specialty, through subsequent updating and approbation of the programmes in an academic environment.

Last month, after the inauguration of the new Dean of the Faculty, at the building of the Medical College, at 84, Tsar Liberator Blvd., the new laboratories of the Faculty of Pharmacy were opened. In May 2013, the newly elected Dean, Assoc. Prof. Diana Ivanova, PhD,
took over the helm of the Faculty, as well.  The future plans and strategy for the development of the Faculty include the capacity enhancement of the training facilities. 350 Pharmacy students are envisaged to be trained at Medical University - Varna.

Photos from the press conference held on 24th June