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Новини и Събития

Our students returned from a 2-week training in Finland

The 2-week intensive course has finished for the training of our students in the specialties of "Nursing" and "Healthcare management" which took place in Kuopio (Finland) and was aimed at caring for people with chronic health problems. The international teams from Ireland, Finland, Wales and Bulgaria directed their efforts to revealing the process through which people achieve control over their condition and their life with a disease.

Within the training, the participants had to work with Finnish patients with various chronic diseases such as malignant diseases, depression, Parkinson's disease, diseases of the musculo-skeletal system, etc. The students had prepared in advance for their meeting with the patients by applying active forms of training (mind mapping и story-boarding). They got acquainted with the patients' life stories for a couple of visits and made presentations and posters in an exhibition during the last day of the training.

Beside the methods of work with chronically ill patients and the acquaintance with the healthcare systems in Finland, Ireland, Wales and Bulgaria, the students were also exposed to an intensive international exchange. For the fourteen days at the students' campus and the hostel they had to adapt and find effective ways to work with their fellow colleagues from three other countries and communicate to a patient whose native language they did not speak.